Sats Names


Some thoughts about the future of the Sats Names community project. There is no technical protocol, no smart contract, no DAO, no company calling the shots—these are just some suggestions for the open source community to rally around…

Launch Phase

This was all accomplished in the first 30 days:
  • Syntax was released on Twitter
  • Indexer and API were released
  • 60,000 unique names were inscribed (20% of all ordinals after launch)
  • Ordinalsbot, Unisat, and Ordinals Wallet integrations
  • gm.sats sold for 0.125 BTC
  • Proof of concept Nostr integration was made
  • Proof of concept "send BTC to Sats Name" functionality was made

Foundation Phase

This phase will be defined by solving three major challenges:
Updating names
Just like DNS names or ENS names, we need the ability to update Sat Names. We will probably combine syntax and indexer upgrades, and digital signatures to authorize updates via inscriptions.
Fix collections
Ordinal marketplaces have focused on static collections. Sats is dynamic and growing by about 1,000 ordinals per day. We either need to release and support a new standard, find a creative way to conform to the existing standard, or find some other solution.
Less centralization
When we use ENS, BNS, or DNS, we are trusting a single node to give us reliable information. The same is true with Sats Names. While the source of truth for Sats Names, ordinals on Bitcoin, are extremely decentralized, the organizing of this information by indexers creates centralized surface area and risk. A few ideas to mitigate:
  • Writing all firsts to another blockchain that acts like an optimistic roll-up.
  • Creating a proof or hash of all sats names at each block and writing that state to Bitcoin.
  • Creating a network of resolver nodes that seek consensus on global name state.

Accelerate Phase

This phase is all about growth and adoption:
  • Install a referral system into SNS syntax to reward those who help grow the network.
  • Hackathons, bounties, sponsorships, and partnerships.
  • Interoperate with other name systems.
  • New functionality and world domination.